Day 1: Adventure Begins

Adam and Claire

Day 1: Adventure Begins. Eat With Walker’s 18-month around the world adventure commences.

The alarm went off at 4:25 am. It was still so dark and not being a fan of early mornings it took my foggy brain a second to realise why the alarm had gone off. Today we were jumping on the first flight to Cancun – the beginning of our 18-month adventure.

We headed downstairs to where we’d left our backpacks the night before. Despite the plethora of YouTube videos we watched advising on what to pack, suddenly our bags seemed rather large and very heavy. Oops. We are both mosquito magnets and with no intention of getting burnt in the tropics. We couldn’t see how you’d reduce the quantity of skin so soft and reef safe sun cream needed for two people. At least the bags will get lighter as our supplies diminish!


As we got into the car, we had to scrape some ice off the windscreen. A sign we were heading off at the right time Mum quipped. Suddenly the thought of warm sun made our impending adventures feel very real.

I had felt quite emotional about leaving for the last couple of days, having already been ‘away’ from family and friends living in Germany for 3 years, but now the excitement was beginning to creep in. 18 months heading around the world is literally a dream come true, so it had surprised me that I’d felt some trepidation.

Approaching the airport I felt the lump in my throat grow as the time to say goodbye to Mum grew closer. The drop off appeared too quickly and suddenly it was time to say goodbye.  We got onto the escalator and waved as Mum drove off and then she was gone and it was the two of us, lugging our bags up to the check-in desk.

The original flight we booked to Cancun was with Thomas Cook so after they went under we had to find a replacement flight. A taster for the curve balls that travelling throws at you, but before we even left the country! Checking in for the flight felt great and they even kindly ignored our overweight bags – a whopping 24kg & 24.8kg!

And so begins Shrek & Donkey on their whirlwind adventure.

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Adventure Begins”

  1. Hi Adam and Claire,

    Have a great world trip, i will try to follow you around on your blog.

    And kudos for the writing, maybe you can consider changing your job, because your story reads very very well!

    Have fun and take care of each other!


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