Christmas Present Ideas for People who love to Travel

Christmas Present Ideas for People who love to Travel

It’s that special time of year again where many people are getting excited about Christmas, but it can be hard to think of useful presents. We’ve put together a little list of Christmas present ideas for people who love to travel. However, you might find some of these brilliant gadgets useful for yourself too.

The gifts cover a range of budgets and whilst some are useful, others are pure fun. Hopefully you’ll find something for your loved ones from the items listed below:

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Price: £59.99 (4 pack – as seen below)

Christmas Present Ideas for People who love to Travel

If you know someone who always loses their keys, phone, wallet or even backpacks this is the perfect present. 

Tile is a smart Bluetooth tracker you can attach to almost anything that can be lost. It works with an app on your phone to let you know where your belongings are.

It shows you where they are on a map so you can find them and you can even play a tune to help you locate them when they are lost.  No more time wasted running round the house looking for your keys and being late for work.

If the Tile attached to your possession is truly lost, then you can call on the community to help you find your belongings. As soon as someone with a Tile comes in range of your belongings, it will send you a notification and map of where it is. 

It especially handy for us when backpacking and your luggage gets put on top of the bus, out of your sight. We’re able to check the app to ensure our luggage is still nearby.  You can continue to check the location of your bag if the bus stops and other luggage is unloaded.

An extra bonus there is an annual subscription which gives you extra features such as telling you if you have left the house without your belongings 😉

Another great subscription is annual battery replacements. A gift that keeps on giving!

Water-to-go water bottle 

Price: £21.60 – £26.79 (price dependent on colour)

Christmas Present Ideas for People who love to Travel

You drink water all the time so if you buy a water-to-go water bottle you literally save yourself money every day you travel and even better, you drastically reduce your plastic use. Our water-to-go bottles have been the best purchase we made as they are used multiple times daily. With huge developments in sustainable travel, these water bottles are the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint as you travel. 

The water-to-go bottle was developed by NASA and it kills 99.9% of all contaminants found in water. So if you have to fill up your bottle from the tap, then you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re protected. There is a filter that needs to be replaced after 200 litres of water (or roughly 3 months) so it also lasts for a long time.

The bottles also come in a variety of colours so that if you’re travelling with friends or a partner, you are able to have different designs to easily recognise your bottle. A brilliant gift for anyone that ever travels abroad. 

Get 15% off with the code ‘EATWITHWALKER‘.

Osprey backpack Sojourn 80

Price: £185.67 (normal RRP £250)

Christmas Present Ideas for People who love to Travel

The Osprey Sojourn 80 is absolutely ideal for someone that appreciates well-designed, functional luggage. It is one of our favourite Christmas present ideas for people who love to travel because at first this bag looks like rolling luggage but it can also be easily converted into a backpack. Both work flawlessly proving that you can have the best of both worlds. 

With 80 litres of storage this bag can hold a lot. The bag unzips completely allowing you complete access to the main compartment. Gone are the days of having to pull out all your belongings from an opening at the top of a bag! 

There are 4 zippered pockets in the bag to help you organise your things and a separate top pocket to allow easy access to liquids. The dual tube handle provides additional control for large loads on rough surfaces, so you can wheel your luggage easily, always feeling in control. 

We love the versatility of this bag and being made by Osprey, you know you are paying for quality. This is the ideal gift for someone who may require a bag to look smart but also may want to throw it on their back for an adventure. 

Compression Cubes

Price: £21.99 (L + M + S + XS + Slim + Laundry Bag)

Christmas Present Ideas for People who love to Travel

Once you use packing cubes you never go back. For long trips to a weekend away, these incredible cubes are revolutionary for organisation, helping you to have all your things in one helpful place. 

Everyone has had that moment they can’t find the top / shorts / skirt they want to wear and out come all the clothes from your bag until you find the item of clothing, leaving all the other items strewn all over the floor. Packing cubes change all that because you can organise your clothes as you want, so you know which bag your tops / shorts / skirts are in. 

Then to make travel cubes even better, compression cubes have a double zip which squishes the bag down, making make your clothes even smaller giving you more space in your bag! 

Packing cubes are helpful for anyone. We loved using them for festivals, organising our outfits / accessories/ pants / etc by day so that when hungover you have all your things in one bag and you don’t have to think. Then hey presto, you’re festival ready without having lost half of your stuff in the tent. 

GoPro Hero 8

Price: £318 (normal RRP £379)

The Hero 8 is the latest action camera from GoPro. If you want to make a big impression this year then this is the present to buy. With its hyper smooth video footage and incredible 4K camera this is a super cool present to buy a loved one. 

This camera allows you to maximise your holiday experience and record incredible memories. 

Attach it to your skiing helmet going down a mountain or attached it to a bike, there will be endless opportunities to enjoy this awesome gadget and the fantastic footage it creates.

DJI Mavic Mini

Price: £369. The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo is £459.

Welcome to the world of drones and seeing the world from the air. 

The Mavic Mini is the latest release from the best drone designers, DJI. 

This extremely compact drone can be taken anywhere and delivers HD video transmission up to 4km and a class leading 30 minutes battery life.

This is an awesome gadget and it doesn’t take long to master as its very easy to operate.  These drones allow you to see the world from a different angle and being able to capture footage from the air, will cement your amazing memories whilst travelling.

It’s also just very fun to play with, so if you know someone that would love this hi-tech toy, don’t hesitate and buy it for them today.

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We hope that the above Christmas present ideas for people who love to travel have given you some inspiration for your Christmas purchases. 

What items can’t you live without whilst you’re travelling?  Get in contact and let us know…

Disclosure: Some of these links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you decide to make a purchase, there will be no extra cost to you but we will earn a small commission. Everything we recommend on this page is because we use it and think it’s excellent. Thank you.

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    1. eatwithwalker

      They are absolutely invaluable. You can even press the Tile button and it will ring your phone to help you find it!

  1. Donna-Marie Bowes

    Compression cubes, tile tracker, water bottle and osprey bag pack on the shopping list.

    Thanks for the tips 😀

    1. eatwithwalker

      They make travelling so much easier! The other great thing about Water to Go bottles is that they reduce your plastic usage, which we love!

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