10 Life Changing Travel Planning Tips

Life-Changing Travel Planning Tips

10 Life changing travel planning tips to make your life massively easier when organising your holiday. Tips that apply to any type of holiday be it a long weekend or 6 months. Read, share and embrace.


For some people planning a holiday can be extremely daunting and it’s amazing how many people miss the opportunity to see the world because of the effort of booking a getaway.

If you’re like me I used to get a chunk of holiday entitlement at the start of each year and I had no idea what to do with it.

Often I would get to December and still have half of it left which often resulted in a very long and boozy Christmas…not always a bad thing. 

However with a little research and use of the below tips, my life changed and my love for travelling exploded.

Here are 10 life changing travel planning tips that will bring the excitement back into planning, and help ensure you have an incredible adventure.

1) Skyscanner Map

With lots of holiday and no plan, I find Skyscanner has an incredible feature which allows you to look at the map of the world and it shows you fantastic flights, their price and the cheapest dates to fly.

It shows you a huge list of countries to get the creative juices flowing and you’ll find bargains in no time. Skyscanner and click on ‘Map’
10 life changing travel planning tips
Skyscanner also allows you to put where you are departing from and as your destination you can choose ‘Everywhere’.
It then comes up with lots of destinations, displaying the cheapest first.  Another great way to find some awesome deals.



2) Hopper

Once you’ve got some ideas of where you want to go pop over to a site called Hopper, which is a brilliant app that tells you when it’s the best time to book your flight.

Hopper compares hundreds of flights and predicts whether its the best time to book or to wait for a cheaper flight.

It has an amazing feature that notifies you when prices fall, in addition when it recommends you to book now so you get the best deals.  Save yourself money on flights so you can spend it on your adventures.




3 YouTube

This brings me onto my next point; look at videos on YouTube of your holiday destination, there are plenty of travel and tourism videos promoting the best activities countries have to offer.
It will give you plenty of ideas to make the most of your trip in addition you also get a preview of the country.
So when you arrive it makes it a little less daunting as you have a feel for the country after seeing it on screen.
Personally I find top 10 activity lists really helpful and when backpacking there are plenty of people who have YouTube channels of their routes through countries and activities they’ve done.
A couple of my favourites are:

4)  Learn from the Professionals

Look at tour operators to see which activities they offer, check for the best reviews and book the activities yourself; it’s cheaper!
Find which activities excite you and make your money go further.
We visited the Vatican City as part of a city break to Italy and from looking at a highly reviewed tour operator and we were advised to buy the ticket that allowed you to enter an hour earlier than the general public.
As a result, this was the best decision we made because we were able to see a huge amount of the incredible art at our own pace, rather than being herded through when the enormous amount of tourists were finally allowed in.

5) Festival and Event Calendar

Check for festivals and events going on during the dates you’re travelling.
These special celebrations allow you to experience a local, cultural event and some of them are totally unique, such as the Baby Jumping Festival in Castrillo de Murcia of Spain.
10 life changing travel planning tips
It’s important to know whether public holidays or nearby festivals could cause potential issues with accommodation availability, opening hours for tourist spots and whether there might be increased traffic or transport issues.
If you’re like us and love music check out the Resident Advisor Guide which shows you a list of clubs, their location and who’s performing.
You might find yourself at one of the top 100 clubs in the world watching an incredible artist. Click here to learn more about RA List.

6) TripIt

This app is my favourite life changing travel planning tip!  Download TripIt. It stores all your booking confirmations and tells you where you need to be and when.
It links up with your email so when you get a confirmation it pulls the necessary information and keeps it in one handy app…LIFE CHANGER!
Flights, buses, trains, hotels all in on place with the departure and arrival times.  Try it now as it’s even handy in your home location.

Learn more about TripIt.


7) VISA and ESTA Requirements


Check if you need visas because being unprepared is never fun, especially if you don’t speak the language.

ESTAs are a must-have when travelling to America and costs approximately 14 dollars which is valid for two years.
Most countries do not require visas for connecting flights however when we were returning from Montego Bay to Dusseldorf via Atlanta, we found we had to complete an ESTA before we could check in our luggage in Jamaica.

As a result, this led to some pretty panicked form filling & scraping together of dollars which had to be paid in cash as card wasn’t possible!

So if catching a connecting flight, check whether you need a visa.

8) Have a copy of your travel plans


Even though technology these days is incredible and makes life a great deal easier, you could face a problem with not having WIFI at your holiday destination.

 So back to basics, print a paper copy of all your booking confirmations and keep in a plastic wallet.

 If you’re backpacking and crossing borders this is extremely important because some countries demand proof of onward travel (i.e. they want to know you won’t be sticking around for too long).

Without this it could cause issues at immigration.

If you need a visa or ESTA best to have a paper copy as this makes travelling easier through Passport Control.

9) Google Maps download your area


A genius tip is to download a map of your holiday destination to your phone using Google Maps, therefore allowing you to navigate without WiFi.

Another great feature of Google Maps is that it allows you to star places on the map, so you can easily locate them such as your hotel as well as activity locations you want to see and do.


10) Don’t Get Caught Out – Know your Taxi Fare

Last but not least don’t start your holiday on a downer. Have an idea of where your hotel is in relationship to the airport and research how much a taxi should cost.
 This can easily be found online such as on TripAdvisor.  Tourists can sometimes get ripped off, don’t be a victim by doing some simple research beforehand.
10 life changing travel planning tips
We hope our 10 life changing travel planning tips make your future travels easier and more exciting. 
Be it downloading the Tripit app to store all your bookings or learn more about all the incredible countries you could visit with the Skyscanner Map. 
Do you have any amazing travel planning tips you could share?
 It would be great to hear from you and let us know your thoughts of our life changing travel planning tips; after all life’s for living! 
10 life changing travel planning tips

4 thoughts on “10 Life Changing Travel Planning Tips”

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you folks on the bus from Holbox and again from Chichen Itza! Your blog looks great. One other tip is to use maps.me ..similar to google maps but it works entirely off line once you download a place. Safe travels, and maybe our paths will cross in Chile!

    Matt and Heather
    Ps..we have a blog too: http://www.reason2roam.com

    1. eatwithwalker

      Hi Matt, Heather,

      It was lovely to meet you, thank you for the great advice about maps.me – it will come in handy. We can’t wait to read your blog, it will no doubt give us lots of travel inspiration. We hope our paths cross in Chile.

      Ads & Claire

  2. I just noticed skyscanner changed their interface a lot recently, but didnt recognize they’ve got the “map” new function, thanks for pointing it out!!! that would be so awesome!

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